Friday, December 7th, 2012...11:13 am

jacky and blue

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I have just blown off the dust from this blog . There was so much- it  filled up the vacuum.

I was talking about it the blog other day in the past tense and realised how different things were when we started it . I didn’t really know what a blog as , and I remember you saying -whats that ?!

It seems the whole world got on the blogesphere and with that we more or less closed down as we got a little rattled .

There was never enough time in the day and late nights were a regular thing updating .

I have realised that I actually quite miss it – It was so nice waking up to your new posts and seeing your photographs , drawings and general fashion life .

Shall we start it again? Its the only reason why we stuck our names together .

Come on big sis

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