Thursday, February 4th, 2010...2:19 pm

my very sweet film

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Many people are unaware that this film exists .
I shot it during Spring 2004 on super 8 .
We,at Chloe ,were a close and dedicated design team and loved what we did .
I hope it shows how talented,creative and funny Phoebe was and still is .
It brings a tear to my eye…
Enjoy,turn it up and spread the love
Its also been previewed today at


  • Blue – I am speechless. Its beautiful, and funny and heartwarming in a fashiony kind of way. Doesn’t hurt that Mr Bojangles is one of my favourite songs of all time.
    You should really do more, or be hired for a million dollars to do one for someone.

  • thank you tracy xx

  • i love the film so much
    you need to do more
    can you do one of the kids?

  • I’m not sure what I love more, Pheobe, the dog, this video or Mr Bojangles. I feel like I have just stumbled upon a video goldmine today!

  • This is such a beautiful film! So gorgeously shot and edited…Thanks for sharing!x

  • BEAUUUUTIFUL! What others are you hiding (serious question)? There has to be more right?

  • just seen the film…. wow! i didnt know you had done this.. brings back memories, as it was my first show. It is lovely to see. thanks blue. x
    ps. am a big fan of the blog… it is always exciting to see what you girls are up too.

  • Tasha . Soooo nice to hear from you …Cant belive you looky at the blog- I will put some embroideries up! Are you still working for Stella?

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