Friday, December 7th, 2012

jacky and blue

I have just blown off the dust from this blog . There was so much- it  filled up the vacuum.

I was talking about it the blog other day in the past tense and realised how different things were when we started it . I didn’t really know what a blog as , and I remember you saying -whats that ?!

It seems the whole world got on the blogesphere and with that we more or less closed down as we got a little rattled .

There was never enough time in the day and late nights were a regular thing updating .

I have realised that I actually quite miss it – It was so nice waking up to your new posts and seeing your photographs , drawings and general fashion life .

Shall we start it again? Its the only reason why we stuck our names together .

Come on big sis

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Dolly Farrier is BACK !

The newly promoted Dolly Farrier of 10 Magazine has returned to our screens for an new Fashion Week Exclusive. . Mind your backs !

See the full story HERE .

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

this is naive

Ive randomly found a lovely blog today .

I can now get all my tourist fixes without having to get out my passport

Well done Tommy .I like your beautiful things too .


Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

happy birthday antony miles



…you dirty rotter !

. . yes that was a stripper . yes, he did come in, in a firemans outfit, and yes, we all giggled and shrieked¬† .And he was a dead ringer of Americans next top models’ Kent baker. Kent we salute you . We always new you wanted to feature in ten magazine!

Friday, September 25th, 2009

hurry up home

owly page

this is one of my favourite blogs.

I realise i get a little on edge when other peoples’ blogging stops.

I know youve stated quite clearly youve gone to nyc . But hurry up .

Theres really nothing else that is filling my 149 sullivan st void.

Sunday, February 1st, 2009


p1070605You know Ive had the autumn 2008 copy of 10 on my desk for a very long time.It sometimes comes in the lounge and sometime in the bath with me .I just have a favourite mag from time to time ( this month it is the cover of world on interiors it keeps following me around and i keep thinking i am going to find something new in it every time i read it .)And i just love love love this photo.Its by Paul wetherell.Paul you star ,i love it .You know it was only about 10 years ago we lived in Navarino road E8. Even then your photos made me smile. And they still do . Rock on Paul . ( hint= one day please give me a print )

Whilst on the subject of my very dear friends at 10 ..Hello you cheeky monkies ,Welcome to the world of Blogging.( i am sooooo glad I have inspired you …that front page reminds me of something ….just what could it be!) love you guys.Totally love the mag.Really ,truely. Even the smell of it gets me excited.

10 blog