Friday, December 7th, 2012

jacky and blue

I have just blown off the dust from this blog . There was so much- it  filled up the vacuum.

I was talking about it the blog other day in the past tense and realised how different things were when we started it . I didn’t really know what a blog as , and I remember you saying -whats that ?!

It seems the whole world got on the blogesphere and with that we more or less closed down as we got a little rattled .

There was never enough time in the day and late nights were a regular thing updating .

I have realised that I actually quite miss it – It was so nice waking up to your new posts and seeing your photographs , drawings and general fashion life .

Shall we start it again? Its the only reason why we stuck our names together .

Come on big sis

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

a little maintenance….


The shop is getting ready .

Please wait outside in an orderly queue . We are re-arranging,arranging and having a stocktake. The little Shoppe is closed for now ,just as we are putting the final coat of paint up .

*UPDATE* why oh why does everything technical take SOOOO long!I know that fashion and computers dont mix very well BUT its depressing .BORING and BORED – IM nearly soooo over the shop idea now  anyway and now there is a little more waiting time whilst the bank sort themselves out . . Ive banged my head against the wall ANDshot myself in the head so  Im hardly standing up at all over all of this !But i like the way its looking behind the scenes. And once its running I’m excited that im going to be a shop keeper! It was infact a primary school dream of mine ……”hello customer , what would you like to buy?”

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

kate kate kate


i must of loved it . I have three copies.

I will be selling some of the magazines soon through this blog very soon  . I will be selling mostly  i-D s ,and Vogues .

Keep them peeled.

*post update* tune in end of next week for the vintage magazine sale .

Thursday, September 17th, 2009



she just really reminds me of one of your drawings…..dont you think so too?

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

At last!


its here!

new seasons Betterware catalogue is out . Its AMAZING . ive read it about 20 times .in fact i cant put it down . Its everything you ever need and want and cant believe you have lived without all this time  . It beats any fash mag hands down .

cant be arsed to get out of your chair??? get a remote control grabber…

looking for somewhere special to keep your specs?..

wet boots a problem? no more…

cold chilly wrists?

on and on and on  i love it …..